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Why We Switched From A 12+3 To A 13+2 Hybrid Bootcamp Model

WBS CODING SCHOOL has updated its hybrid model. What's new?
Full-stack App and Web development Instructors in a call with student
Andrea Tallarita
Andrea Tallarita

We at WBS CODING SCHOOL would like to share that we have updated the unique hybrid formula of our full-time bootcamps.

The concept of a hybrid bootcamp brings together the benefits of learning from home with the perks of studying on our campus together, as part of a team.

This update rebalances the number of study-from-home and study-on-site weeks, shifting from 12 weeks of remote learning followed by 3 weeks of work on campus, to 13 weeks of remote learning and 2 weeks of work on campus. In short, we are shifting from a 12+3 to a 13+2 model.

The syllabus for the bootcamps will not be affected by this update.

Why this change? We were driven by two very good reasons.

Firstly, to better meet your needs.

Over the past months and years, feedback from our students revealed a broad consensus that having to spend three weeks on campus was too disruptive of their personal lives.

This was particularly true for those students with families and children to take care of, as well as for those who live away from Berlin or outside of Germany altogether.

Nor is this a matter of picking one interest group over another – even students who did not have to deal with these challenges told us that 3 weeks away from home could be difficult to organize.

Secondly, to make our bootcamps more financially accessible.

Not all of our students can afford to pay our tuition fees out of their pocket, and many choose to take advantage of a variety of educational sponsorship programs.

The campus phase has proven to be one of the most common objections that employment agencies have raised to funding students for our bootcamps, typically offering to cover the tuition fees but not the campus expenses.

We are confident that shortening the campus phase (and its costs) by 33% will go a long way towards dissolving these objections, and that full funding for a WBS CODING SCHOOL hybrid bootcamp will be easier to access than ever before.


We are very proud of our hybrid model and we believe the 13+2 structure will work best for everyone going forward. You will find our bootcamps more inclusive and better suited to your needs, as well as more financially accessible.

And rest assured – the extra space on campus will not go to waste! On the contrary, demand for our learning programs in recent times has often exceeded supply, and as we keep adding new bootcamps to our portfolio every year, we will be absolutely delighted to offer a place to everyone!

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