Data protection: How we handle your data

Personal data processing at WBS

In order to provide you with the best-possible advice and ensure your qualification process is successful, we will collect, process and use a variety of personal data. In some cases, it is necessary to exchange your data with third parties. In all cases, we comply with the relevant provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Amendment and Implementation Act EU (Datenschutz-Anpassungs-und-Umsetzungsgesetz EU).

This information sheet provides you with transparency with regard to the processing of your data by WBS TRAINING.

What data do we collect from you and for what purpose? 

We will only collect your data for lawful purposes, for example for successful fulfilment of a contract or as a result of legal obligations. This relates, in particular, to the following data:

  • Personal data and contact details
  • Data regarding your career/curriculum vitae and professional qualifications (e.g. educational certificates)
  • Details regarding your desired profession, training position or workplace
  • Details regarding financing and, if applicable, your funding provider
  • In certain circumstances, certificate of health or certificate of conduct, if necessary
  • If applicable, details relating to mobility and willingness to travel
  • In certain circumstances, details regarding restrictions that are relevant to employment and the degree of disability
  • Your account details if you wish us to claim travel costs for you from your funding provider
  • Details regarding your residency status and home country if you are participating in an integration course
  • Details regarding the quality of your internet connection if you wish to participate in further training on a remote basis    

We want to review the quality of our services on a regular basis. We will contact you with customer surveys for this purpose. In connection with this, we may instruct other companies to carry out these surveys, so you may be contacted by a company other than WBS. We conclude order processing contracts with these companies in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR. 

If you have given us your consent to do so, we will also use your data to send you information about additional courses that we offer or to send you our newsletter. You may revoke this consent to the use of data  at any time.

We want to measure the success of the courses you have completed. We are obliged to provide the Federal Employment Agency (Agentur für Arbeit) and the Job Centre (Jobcenter) details of this in accordance with Sections 183 and 318 Social Act (SGB) III and Section 2 (2) Accreditation and Authorisation Regulation for Employment Promotion (AZAV). For this reason, we will contact you after you have completed your course.
From a data protection law point of view, our collection and processing of your data is based on Article 6 (1) b) and f) of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as we cannot provide the services that are contractually agreed with you without the necessary personal data or a legitimate interest that justifies collection and processing.

What data do our cooperation partners collect from you?

Depending on whether other cooperation partners are involved in your qualification process, we will collect the following data there in order to be able to fulfill our contractually agreed services (Article 6 (1b) GDPR):

  • We obtain details about the status of your registration, process organisation and examination results from the chamber responsible for you.
  • We obtain your examination results from certification partners.
  • We receive details about your internship or professional training (e.g. learning progress, work completed, absences) from your internship or cooperation company.
  • If you are a recipient of participation benefits, we receive, if applicable, medical results and reports from other LTA measures from your rehabilitation provider, such as the German statutory pension insurance scheme (DRV), the rehabilitation department at the Employment Agency and the Job Centre for severely disabled individuals or your accident insurance.
  • If you are participating in an integration course or occupational German language course (DeuFöV), we receive details about your identity, suitability and eligibility criteria from the Federal Agency of Migration and Refugees (BAMF). In the event that you change courses, we receive the data from your previous course provider.
  • If you got in touch with us via our cooperation partner App2Job, we will receive the data that has been collected about you there.

What data does WBS TRAINING transfer to the funding provider and other cooperation partners? 

We will inform the funding provider about the progress of your participation and any special events. Only the necessary data will be passed on that is required to enable both communication parties to fulfill their tasks (e.g. contract documents, absences, certificates of incapacity for work, certificates). We are obliged to do this on the basis of Sections 81, 183, 318 SGB III. If you are a recipient of participation benefits, interim and final reports about this, as well as any psychological suitability assessments if applicable, will also be passed on.
Depending on whether other cooperation partners are involved in your qualification process, we will, if applicable, pass on the data that is necessary for the task to the following partners (in accordance with Article 6 (1b) GDPR):

  • Chambers (e.g. Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK))
  • Certification partners (e.g. SAP, DEKRA, Microsoft, LCCI, TELC)
  • Online platforms for the provision of e-books
  • Internship and cooperation companies
  • Applicable for integration course participants: if you switch to another provider, we will pass on all the necessary data to this provider    

We do not carry out all tasks ourselves and instruct other service providers to carry out some work for us (e.g. IT services, tutors, call centre). In principle, we conclude order processing contracts with these service providers in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR. Sometimes, external consultancy firms are also used. Such firms are also subject to the data protection obligations.

When do we delete your data? 

We delete your data once the respective retention periods (generally three, five or ten years, can also be longer in certain cases) have expired. If you have not concluded a contract with us, we delete your data after 12 months unless you want to receive more offers and our newsletter. In this case, we store your data as long as it is necessary to provide this additional service or until you revoke your consent.

Rights of data subjects (rights to information, rectification, deletion, restriction of processing, objection and, if applicable, data portability)

All data subjects have certain rights according to the law. This includes the right to information, to rectification, to deletion, to restriction of processing, to objection and, if applicable, also to data portability. You may exercise the abovementioned rights at any time, in particular to request information about the rectification or deletion of your data, provided that the legal conditions have been met. In order to do so, please contact or WBS TRAINING, – Data Protection – Lorenzweg 5, 12099 Berlin.

What rights do you have in the event of data processing on the basis of your legitimate interest or the public interest?

In accordance with Article 21 (1) GDPR, you have the right to object to the processing of personal data concerning you on grounds relating to your particular situation, based on Article 6 (1) e) GDPR (data processing in the public interest) or Article 6 (1) f) GDPR (data processing to protect a legitimate interest). This also applies to processing based on this provision. In the event you raise an objection, we will no longer process your personal data. An exception to this is only possible if we are able to provide compelling legitimate grounds for processing that outweigh your interests, rights and freedoms or if processing is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

What rights do you have in the event of data processing for direct marketing purposes?

Insofar as we process your personal data for direct marketing purposes, you have the right, in accordance with Article 21 (2) GDPR, to object at any time to the processing of personal data that concerns you for the purpose of marketing of this kind. This also includes profiling to the extent that this is related to such direct marketing. In the event that you object to your data being processed for direct marketing purposes, we will no longer process your personal data for such purposes.

Data controller and data protection officer

The data controller for data processing is WBS TRAINING, Lorenzweg 5, 12099 Berlin. The data protection officer is Johanna Soetbeer. The competent supervisory authority is the Berlin Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.      

You can access information about the collection of personal data when you use our websites here: