Have a look below at some of the most frequently asked questions.

Web Development in general / job profile

What is a web developer?

Web developers are commonly referred to as either frontend or backend developers. Frontend developers focus on client-side scripting using languages like HTML and JavaScript, designing the layout of the website and what the consumer sees, while backend developers are dedicated to server-side scripting, managing website functions from behind the scenes. They typically code in languages such as Java, PHP and Ruby. 

Native developers by contrast are responsible for designing and building applications geared to a specific operation system e.g. Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS. Hybrid developers are growing in demand because they write code for applications that functions on multiple platforms.

Why should I become a web developer?

First of all it is all about you and your passion, your choices and your dreams in life. Developers outrank other job profiles when it comes to job satisfaction. But there are many motivating hard facts, why it is great to become a web developer. The global technology sector is growing so fast that the pool of available talent can’t keep pace. There is a high demand for web developers. That leads to higher incomes, secure job perspectives and companies who are willing to give extra perks and benefits to attract new talents. And many people love - or need - the flexibility of working when and where they want.


I have no coding experience. Can I participate nonetheless?

WBS CODING SCHOOL does not require applicants to have any prior experience in web development. You just need to be highly motivated, eager to learn and over 18. We believe everyone has to start somewhere. Our admissions team will contact you to schedule an interview and find out how we can help you achieve your goals.


What do I learn?

Next to important web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, React.js, Node.js, Databases and APIs you are going to learn a lot about agile methodologies and software development best practices. To shape your profile as a developer you will also learn to work in a developer team, how to set up a project and important soft skills you need to land your first developer job.

How is the course structured?

Our 15-week Full-Stack Web Development bootcamp is split into two sections: For the first 12 weeks you’ll be learning live online, honing your coding skills in trainer-led lectures, group projects and allocated self-study sessions.You’ll round off your final 3 weeks at our Berlin campus, where you’ll meet the other students from your study group. During this time, you’ll work on your final project, explore the thriving Berlin tech scene with your course mates and take advantage of our specialist career coaching designed to optimize your future employment prospects.

What does a typical day looks like?

Morning drive: You’ll be fresher and more focused at the start of the day. So grab yourself a coffee and get stuck into the chosen topic of the day.  
Pre-lunch energy rush: Your coffee should have kicked in by now – so what better time to tackle live coding, applying all the skills you’ve learnt or attend lectures with your trainer?

Afternoon exchange: Fed and watered, you’ll be all set to dive into stimulating teamwork projects, programming in either pairs or groups.
End of day reflection: It’s been a busy day. Time for one last lecture before reviewing everything you’ve covered and buckling down to some consolidation exercises.

Who are the coaches?

Our coaches are industry experts who gathered a lot of experiences from various tech companies. They will show you the ins and outs of software development.

What is the course language?

The courses are held in english. 

How is the course scheduled?

The course is running every day from 09:00 to 06:00.

How many people are joining one course?

There will be between 15 to 20 students within one batch.

How do you provide a similar level between the participants?

Worried about getting left behind? Don’t be. Our self-study pre-course material has been carefully crafted to get you up to speed on the basics of web development – all on your own. The tasks will enable you to grasp the fundamentals of programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript and should take you roughly between 20-40 hours to complete.

Application procedure

How does the application procedure looks like?

  1. Apply online: Before you do anything, check out our course dates and choose a start date that works best for you.
  2. Personal interview: Our admissions team will contact you to schedule an interview and find out how we can help you achieve your goals.
  3. Technical assessment: The course is intensive and you’ll need to keep up. So, once you’ve passed the interview stage, you’ll be given a coding challenge to prove your ability to learn fast.
  4. Deposit and pre-work: As soon as your assessment mark has been approved and the deposit paid, you’ll have access to the pre-course material. The pre-work is a fundamental part of the program and must be completed before starting the course.
  5. Course start: Finished all your pre-work? Now you have everything you need to get cracking!

How and where can I apply?

You find the application form directly here.

What will be the interview about?

The interview will focus on your motivation to become a developer. We want to understand what you are passionate about and what you are expecting from the course.

How can I prepare for the interview?

Take a moment to reflect on yourself. Ask yourself a few questions: What do I want to to after the course? What is driving me to join the program? What strengths do I bring with me?

When do I need to apply?

Once you know that you would like to change your career, you should apply as soon as possible. Before joining the course we ask you to complete our application process and also our preparation course.

Which documents do I need for the application?

Once you are about to be submitted to the course we need a copy of your ID. Later on you will send us a signed version of the qualification contract that we are going to provide.

Residence in Berlin

Where do I find the accommodation?

Work-life balance begins right here! Located on the banks of the stunning River Spree, next to the Wuhlheide recreational grounds, WBS CODING SCHOOL has a whole lot more than just top programming courses to offer. The WBS CODING CAMPUS offers 48 studio apartments with private bathrooms, a winter garden dining area, several lounge areas and 4 seminar rooms geared to classes. A bicycle pool, table tennis, pool billiard table, table football, kayaks & SUPs and hammocks will help you to recreate and relax. There is easy access to the central Berlin tech hub in just 20 minutes thanks to efficient public transport.

Do all participants stay in the accommodation?

We leave it up to the participants to decide about their accomodation. If you want to stay at your friends place or in an Airbnb that’s of course totally fine!

How does the catering work?

You will enjoy 3 meals per day during the on-site phase in Berlin – including delicious vegetarian food prepared by our very own chef Martin Leipold and his crew.


How much is the tuition?

The tuition fee is 8.800 Euro. For the first participants we offer a scholarship that covers 50% of this fee. In addition to that we personally support you with several ways to fund your course.

What is included in the price and what is not?

The tuition fee covers the whole life changing course both the 12 week online course and the 3 on-site weeks in Berlin. On our awesome WBS CODING CAMPUS the accommodation and 3 meals per day are covered as well.

Is there an installment plan?
No worries, we also got you covered here. We offer you to pay in 2 installments: 50% upfront and 50% in the middle of the course.


Which funding options does the WBS CODING SCHOOL offer?

Your future is worth more than a course fee. And thanks to a range of financing options, there’s no reason to let tuition rates stand between you and your career ambitions.

Great news: Our Web Developer Course can also be financed with a BGS education voucher (“Bildungsgutschein”) thanks to its nationally recognized certification. All expenses are covered by the education vouchers, from tuition fees, travel and non-resident accommodation costs to catering and childcare costs. (click here for more information)

CHANCEN eG is another fantastic scheme that covers up to 100% of your tuition fees out front. Thanks to convenient Income Share Agreements, you get to focus on optimizing your coding skills free from financial pressure. Only once you have completed the bootcamp and found a position will you be asked to make income-based repayments over a 5-year period. (click here for more information)

What do I need to do to get funded?

You get most of the necessary informations from the links above. If you have further questions feel free to give us a call ( +49 151 19475925) or write us an Email.

Does the WBS CODING SCHOOL support me with the funding procedure?

We are fully convinced that money shouldn’t be the reason that stops you from achieving your ambitious goals. So we see it as our mission to help you with any problems which lie between you and your dreams. Don’t hesitate and contact us so that we can be there for you.

Are there any scholarship? What do I need to do for this option?

Don’t hesitate if you don’t receive any of the fundings (“Bildungsgutschein” or CHANCEN eG). We welcome our first students with an incredible scholarship and give you a 50% discount.


What requirements does my hardware need? (devices, internet)?

For our course you basically just need a Desktop PC or Laptop. Make sure that you have a working webcam and headset (or any audio + voice solution) in order to stay connected to the community all the time.

Do I need my own device?

Yes, you are learning comfortably with your own device.

Does a tablet or iPad works as a device?

Our learning platform is designed to be used on Desktop or Laptop. Even tho we know how relaxing it might be to follow a class on your tablet, we do not recommend it. However you will be able to consume our learning material (text and recorded videos) on mobile devices.

Which software do I need? Is it provided?

In order to have a smooth experience you just need an internet browser. We recommend using Google Chrome.

Career service

How does the WBS CODING SCHOOL support my job search?

Got big plans? Well, so do we! Our sole mission is to see you thrive in the tech industry – and that starts with navigating the mind-blowing recruitment process. We’re right behind you from day one. From job applications and presentation skills to one-to-one interviews and employment contracts, our specialist team of coaches is dedicated to launching your career in the tech world.

Success is about who you know. We ensure you meet the right contact partners and talent-spotters through career fair events and Meetups. So, make the most of our vast hiring network!



We aim to inspire. We want you to stay one step ahead of a world that’s constantly evolving. And that’s why we have crafted cutting-edge courses in web development, geared to shaping tomorrow’s top coding talents and meeting the demands of the booming tech market.

What is unique about the WBS CODING SCHOOL?

You benefit from an innovative, hands-on approach to ongoing learning that combines the best of both live online and face-to-face coaching at our Berlin hub.

We are backed by the WBS TRAINING AG. Thanks to 40 years’ experience and 1200 employees steering more than 200 branches nationwide, WBS TRAINING AG now welcomes over 25 000 students through its doors every year. In Germany, we are not only a leading player in education, but indeed a market leader in live online learning since launching our award-winning innovation tool in 2010.

Still got questions?

Awesome! We just love inquiring minds.