Chancen eg

Apply for an Income Share Agreement with our partner Chancen eG, and pay nothing until you're hired.

What is Chancen eg?

CHANCEN eG is a social Income Share Agreement provider that covers 100% of your tuition up front. Once you have completed the course and found a job, you will be asked to make income-based repayments over 5 years.


EU citizenship or citizenship in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway, Great Britain, Iceland, Monaco, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Israel. Married to a German person or holding a high school leaving certificate in Germany (not from a Studienkolleg).

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How to apply for funding with CHANCEN eG:

Do you still have questions?

You can directly apply with us and one of our Admission managers will help you finding the best funding option for you. Or you can explore what other payments options we can offer you.

You are your best investment.