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Find a job in tech or get your money back.

What is the Job Guarantee?

The bootcamps we offer at WBS CODING SCHOOL have been designed not just to equip you with new skills, but specifically to find you a job in tech. We are so confident in our curriculum and our career services, that students who take one of our full-time bootcamps and fail to find a job within 6 months of graduation can claim a reimbursement of 100% of their tuition fees.

The job guarantee is available to students who took a full-time bootcamp and who paid their own tuition fees either in full upfront, or with the two-part installment plan. It is not on offer for students whose fees have been sponsored by third parties, although these students still have access to the full range of our Career Services, or for part-time students.

Naturally, our guarantee is conditional to a student demonstrating commitment during and after the bootcamp. Classes must be attended and projects completed, and sessions with our Career Service experts cannot be skipped. Students applying for reimbursement must also provide satisfying evidence that they actively sought work in the six months following graduation.


Course Completion

  • You graduated from one of our full-time bootcamps.
  • You paid the entirety of the tuition fees yourself in a single or two-part installment.
  • You have a B2 or higher level in English and in the local language where you’re job hunting.
  • Career Services

  • You engage with our Career Service experts and update your CV and LinkedIn profile with their help.
  • You consider and respond to the job postings suggested to you by the Career Service and/or partner companies and apply proactively.
  • You put your newly acquired skills to use and proactively enhance your portfolio even after graduation.
  • Job Hunting

  • For the 6 months after graduation you apply for a minimum of 5 jobs per week, and are open to both remote and on-site positions.
  • You reside in a city with 200,000+ population in the European Union, an EFTA member state or the United Kingdom, or you are willing to relocate for work.
  • You have a valid work permit for the location(s) where you are applying for jobs.
  • The full procedure and requirements to apply for tuition reimbursement are detailed in our Terms and Conditions, under section 5.3.


    Even equipped with a comprehensive and updated set of professional skills, trying to find your first job in tech can feel intimidating.

    That is why our career experts are here to lend support. They will assist you in crafting an outstanding CV and LinkedIn profile and help you sharpen your job-hunting skills in the tech industry.

    They will be here for you even after graduation, offering support with your personal career and branding strategy for 3 months after the end of the bootcamp. Job openings will be regularly posted in our Discord community, to which you will retain access.

    Our promise is that you will find a job within 6 months of graduation. You will not be alone in this.


    The percentage of our students who find employment in tech within the first six months after graduation.

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    Of our students who found a job in tech did so within 90 days after graduation, and 36% within 30 days.

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    The WBS CODING SCHOOL community does not shut its gates after graduation. Many of our students stay in touch and some become mentors for our ongoing classes – even after they find employment at prestigious tech firms all over the world. Become a WBS CODING SCHOOL graduate and network with professionals from companies such as these.

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