Connect and collaborate.

On our virtual learning platform you are constantly in touch with your instructors and classmates via livestream and chat. Easily access all the tool necessary for progressing and developing together. All in one single browser, no additional download or installation required.

Included features

Find all important information at a glance. Rejoin open tasks and exercises, access your calendar so you won’t miss any lecture or team session and receive important community announcements.

This is where you find all your learning materials such as videos and guides, tasks, exercises and more. Conveniently grouped so you always keep an overview.

Virtual classroom:
Participate in lectures, workshops and meet your classmates and instructors in the main auditorium. You are connected by live videostream, chat and an integrated shared code editor.

Small learning groups:
Use other smaller-sized rooms to work together in pairs or small teams on your weekly assignments.

Exchange, stay in touch and ask questions: The virtual learning platform is online 24/7.

How you benefit:


Learn from anywhere

Attend to your course from any location you like.


Connected learning

Permanently exchange and collaborate with your classmates and instructors.


Easy access

All you need to participate is a Desktop PC or laptop and a browser. No additional download or installation required.