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Our lead instructors are first-rate developers we hand-picked for their passion, their skill, and their enthusiasm. Each course has its own dedicated lead instructor, who will be there to guide you personally on your journey into coding.

Born in Argentina to Italian parents, Enrique is a jack-of-all-trades who combined a career as a sound engineer with that of an international competitive skier. He started coding professionally as a freelancer in his family business, working with clients from the marketing industry; at the time he was also coaching future skiers, and now he has found a way to combine both passions – by teaching people how to code! Enrique’s interests outside of work include skydiving and BASE jumping, and of course skiing.

Hana has always been fascinated by the ‘investigative’ nature of data, and the way it allows you to discover truths that are not visible at first. With experience in studying IT at both universities and bootcamps, she recently discovered that she loves teaching too – and, when she isn’t doing that, hiking or baking cakes.

Henrik’s academic background is in biomedical engineering and in neuroscience, where he focused on the machine learning applications of artificial neural networks. He gets talkative when he’s passionate about something, which naturally led him to teaching. Having started coding in his early teens, he now has no intention of stopping any time soon!

Maria has done a bit of everything in her field: she studied fashion design at university, created her own brand, worked for established design firms, and sharpened her skills with a bootcamp – where she stood out so much, that she became its instructor! Joining WBS CODING SCHOOL after these experiences, she is happy to return to teaching, which she sees as a form of storytelling its own right.

Patrick’s fields were philosophy, art history and literature, until one day the YouTube algorithm pushed a video about learning how to code in his feed. One WBS CODING SCHOOL bootcamp later, he found himself teaching Web Development to others! When he isn’t coding, he loves to be in the open air, hiking or cycling.

A full-stack web engineer with a background in startups and consulting companies, Khatuna started out in a wholly different field, by studying English philology. In transforming her career she was helped closely by a mentor, and is now happy to give back as a mentor to others. As well as programming languages, she loves natural languages too, and speaks Georgian, English, Russian, German, and soon – she hopes! – Spanish.

Sabine transitioned from a career in academia as Cognitive Neuroscientist to Data Scientist via a bootcamp. She has since worked for leading tech companies as Data Scientist and Machine Learning Consultant, before starting her own business merging tech with design methods. She enjoys a simple lifestyle in rural Portugal where she can go surfing, practice arts and crafts, and grow veggies.

It wasn’t until relatively late in life that Reagan had an opportunity to try coding – before that, he had lived on a ranch and served in the US military. After completing the WBS CODING SCHOOL Web & App Development bootcamp, however, he fell in love with the discipline and decided to share his knowledge with others. Outside of teaching, Reagan is a big fan of indoors climbing and 3D puzzles.

Besslan started out by working on transport and insurance software, but eventually discovered he likes teaching just as much as coding. A former bootcamp graduate himself, he loves seeing others follow the same path of learning and growth that he already went through. Outside of tech his interests are various – from cooking and videogames to Greek philosophy and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Vyas has covered a variety of roles in Business Intelligence & Marketing Analytics in e-commerce startups across India, Mexico and Germany. He tried out mentoring people in topics related to data, and quickly realised the satisfaction this gave him. Vyas loves to share knowledge with others and says that teaching Marketing Analytics is his ikigai (“reason of being”). Beyond tech, he enjoys reading about investing and is a passionate traveler who plans to visit all 7 continents soon.

Alkis has worked as a software engineer for the last 25 years and will never stop being one. He has a Master’s degree in CS and his approach to a project is that the bigger the challenge, the better! Though he has written countless lines of code of his own, he also loves helping others in their journey to become developers and change their lives. His biggest dream is to one day create a successful video game, and from his point of view he has never worked a day in his life – he only pursues his favorite hobby seven days a week!

Ali has divided his career so far between working as a Data Scientist at private firms, and as an instructor at various coding schools. He is currently fully dedicated to the latter because, in his own words, ‘it feels less like work than like an enjoyable hobby’. In his free time he loves to read up about politics, economy and technology, or else take out his bicycle and go for a ride.

Graphic Designer by degree, Lilian started in the catering industry and moved to the world of coding, first studying by herself and then with the WBS CODING SCHOOL Web & App Development bootcamp. It was then a natural development that she wanted to continue passing on knowledge. A geek at heart, when not coding or busy with motherhood, she is playing tabletop wargames or putting another set of miniatures together.

Onur studied Business Information Systems in his university days, and put those skills to use for a Dutch construction company – only to leave when he realized the job didn’t let him code enough. A graduate of the WBS CODING SCHOOL Web & App Development bootcamp, he is also passionate about AI and has a history as a pro Twitch streamer. Onur sees himself as a child of the Mediterranean, and he loves the sea, the people, and the food of this beautiful region.

Yanish decided to teach Data Science as a way to combine his best talents – the technical nous he’d acquired by studying electronic engineering, and the communication skills he’d developed when working as a manager. Outside of tech, he loves to travel the world and is also a big fan of football and MMA.

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Our junior instructors come from a variety of backgrounds, including our own courses. They will hold workshops on specific topics and will be available to provide you personal assistance should you be struggling.

Liane first discovered her passion for algorithms during her Masters in Business Informatics, and has since deepened her understanding of Data Science. She loves to see people grow, and to help them when they are at the threshhold of a new discovery – hence her decision to teach.

anoj instructor wbscodingschool

Anoj changed careers from Project Manager to Web Developer, and is familiar with the struggles of learning something new – but also with the rewards when all the bits of a project come together and your work comes to life! An experienced team leader, he is adept at explaining difficult concepts, and loves seeing the ‘lightbulb moment’ in others. Anoj is also a fan of sunshine and beaches, although he has some trouble finding those in Berlin!

Maria used to be a language teacher before she learned to code, and now she teaches programming languages – so in a sense, she’s been consistent! She loves that coding compels you to always keep learning new things, and she’s an obstinate problem-solver by personality. When said problems are solved, she loves to unwind with stand-up comedies and videogames.

Christopher Instructor

Christopher has a background in Physics and Mathematics, but found a new passion in the form of Data Science and the hands-on experimentation and exploration it allows. Seeing those moments of sudden understanding in others is what makes teaching rewarding for him. In his free time, Christopher likes to walk woods and hills, and to travel (mostly to eat the local cuisine).


Bashar’s first ‘teaching’ experiences came when working as a young guide, telling groups of tourists about Syria’s rich history. Two decades of international work in Web Development later, he switched to teaching the tech talent of the future! He loves coding for the way it can bring him in the ‘zone’ until he forgets about time, but he is also a sportsman and loves boxing in all its many forms.

Vasil is a scientist, and more precisely a biophysicist, with his first teaching experience picked up in university. Upon realizing that his job as a scientist was mostly about collecting and analyzing data, he decided to take that to the next level and took the WBS CODING SCHOOL Data Science bootcamp. He loves to see his students become independent, and outside of work he is a self-avowed sports nerd, with a passion for everything from football and basketball to Formula 1.

Guillem on WBS CODING SCHOOL Campus Berlin


Our mentors are outstanding graduates from our bootcamps who now volunteer to provide extra support for other students, including 1:1 sessions, answering calls for help on our messaging channels, and organizing extra-curricular workshops. They will ensure you always have someone to turn to.

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