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Data Science Bootcamp

The old way was to teach computers how to do. The new way is to teach computers how to learn.

Coding bootcamp data science student working with laptop
March 25, 2024 (English)

13 weeks online +
2 weeks on Campus

15 weeks online


Monday to Friday
8:00 to 17:00 (BST)




HYBRID: £8,850

100% ONLINE: £8,300


The Data Science course is designed as your entryway into one of the most cutting-edge and progressive industries of the moment, as you will learn how to read and manipulate data, and how to get computers to ‘think’ by themselves.

The emergence of the digital economy has flooded companies with raw data which traditional tools are not equipped to process. This has led to Data Analysts becoming among the most sought-after and flexible professionals, able to find employment as Business Analysts, Financial Analysts, Marketing Analysts, Operations Analysts, Web Analysts, Product Analysts, and many more. More positions, from consultancy to machine-learning engineering, also become accessible with a solid qualification in Data Science.

This course will equip you with both the concepts and the practical skills to land your first job in the most dynamic branch of tech.

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Data scientists are kind of like the new Renaissance folks, because data science is inherently multidisciplinary.

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What you will need

Many of the concepts you will learn will be new and unfamiliar to you. The material we’ll present you with will push you outside of your comfort zone. This is natural. Embrace it.

Before you can interpret data, you must gather it, process it, compare it. This is called quantitative work, and while it does not demand any special aptitude or preparation, it does require the willingness and the patience to work with numbers.

Our bootcamp is open to international students, and it is in English. You don’t have to be a native speaker, but you should know the language well enough to be able to follow a class, and communicate with your fellow students, without slowing everyone else down.

Our virtual platform, where you will meet your instructors and study alongside your peers, is online. To join us, you will need a computer or a laptop connected to the Internet, along with speakers/headphones and a microphone.

What you will not need

Data Science requires patience and hard work, yes. But it’s not something only the most brilliant minds of this world can do, and it’s fine if you haven’t done any mathematics since school.

You don’t need any qualifications related to computer science or programming. Our bootcamp assumes no prior knowledge and covers the basics of the field in the first few weeks.

You are here to learn together with others, not to outdo them. A collaborative, friendly attitude is essential, and your only benchmark for progress should be yourself.

What does the Data Science bootcamp teach

data science bootcamp two students working together

You will learn how to read, organise and leverage the enormous amount of data generated by business interactions online. From the mathematical theory and the concepts underlying data science, to practical implementations allowing you and your company to predict a system’s behaviour, this course covers a comprehensive and constantly updated range of technologies.

Expect to graduate with employable skills not just in interpreting and visualizing data, but in teaching computers to do that for you: the course includes a thorough induction in machine learning, an area of artificial intelligence which is one of the most rapidly-evolving fields of programming.