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Our lead instructors are first-rate developers we hand-picked for their passion, their skill, and their enthusiasm. Each course has its own dedicated lead instructor, who will be there to guide you personally on your journey into coding.

Ben is a former relief worker turned pro geek. After having worked in multiple countries (Bolivia, Lebanon, Mali, Kenya, Philippines, Vanuatu…) on large-scale disaster relief and development projects, he turned to the tech side of the Force. A self-taught developer, he went on to expand his knowledge through coding bootcamps, and put his new powers to use in web agencies, as well as in startups in FinTech and LegalTech. You can usually find him in a café somewhere in Lisbon, eating pastéis de nata.

Fey likes everything computer-related, from information security to time travel. Her favorite organic things, on the other hand, are dinosaurs and onigiri. She has been having fun with coding for more than a decade now and she believes no matter who you are, where you come from or what your motivation in life is, you have the power to accomplish anything you set your mind to, whether it is smart or dumb. Her favorite travel destination is Japan, although she enjoys trying to feel like a non-tourist anywhere she ends up in.

After having earned his stripes in the software consulting industry, Jorge devoted himself to education, and now works as a guide for all aspiring learners on their journey into professional web development. Hailing from Mexico, his academic background is in applied mathematics and computer science, and his favorite things to do when he isn’t coding include drawing, reading, biking, role-playing games and, of course, cooking Mexican food.

Gio is a self-taught web developer who recently rounded off her first decade of professional experience, mostly spent exploring the jungled world of Javascript. She has worked for both established companies and early-stage startups. In 2012, she co-founded OpenTechSchool, and had the opportunity to coach many aspiring programmers. Asking where she is can be tricky – she and her van tend to be on the move a lot!

Born in Algeria and raised in France, Yacine tried out a variety of jobs before taking a coding bootcamp in his early twenties and discovering his true vocation. While building experience as a freelance software developer for a variety of clients all over Europe, he soon discovered the joy of sharing new technologies with others and took up work as a coding instructor. Yacine loves adventure of both an intellectual and physical kind, and is just as happy exploring modern art as he is going out for a session of bodyboarding or Muay Thai.

Once an agent in the travel industry, Martin took the WBS CODING SCHOOL bootcamp in 2020 and turned his career around to become a full-stack web developer. When he isn’t coding software or mentoring students through their own bootcamp experience, you will find him playing football for the glory of his local village team or cheering for his club Borussia Dortmund. Martin is also a globe-trotter with a soft spot in his heart for Iceland, but his true passion remains his family, and finding time in his day to spend with his baby girl.

Julia started in hospitality, but found herself pushed towards online marketing and distribution by a team that was, as she remembers today, “afraid of the internet”. After a few unsuccessful attempts at learning how to code by herself, she signed up for the WBS CODING SCHOOL Full-Stack Web & App Developer bootcamp. She loved the feeling of empowerment she experienced there, and today as an instructor loves to see it again in her students. Her favorite pastimes include playing her acoustic guitar and the art of calligraphy.

Alkis has worked as a software engineer for the last 25 years and will never stop being one. He has a Master’s degree in CS and his approach to a project is that the bigger the challenge, the better! Though he has written countless lines of code of his own, he also loves helping others in their journey to become developers and change their lives. His biggest dream is to one day create a successful video game, and from his point of view he has never worked a day in his life – he only pursues his favorite hobby seven days a week!

Chris loves the creative process of bridging the gap between a vision and its realization, whether he’s doing it himself or helping his students with it. A coding bootcamp graduate in his early 20s, he went on to work for both startups and established companies in the fields that most interested him: web development, gaming, cryptocurrencies, writing systems, and anything that was fundamentally creative. Originally from Brighton, England, Chris has also lived in France, Spain, and Malaysia, and has an international outlook in both work and education.

Andres worked his way up to management roles through a variety of coding jobs… and then deliberately back down when he realized that what he loved doing most was hands-on development instead! He loves projects that let him feel like he is helping other people, and he never lost the sense of wonder he first felt when coding allowed him to create something and put it into the world. He is a big fan of good science fiction in all of its forms, and he likes to unwind with golf in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter.

Among those teaching in our Data Science course is the man who crafted it first-hand: our Product Lead Guillem Perdigó has a background in Advanced Analytics at the Department of Applied Intelligence for tech giants Accenture, and has already taught Data Science at two different academies. He holds a Postgraduate degree in Data Science & Big Data from the University of Barcelona, in Spain.

Joan is an experienced Data Analyst and Project Manager who started out his career in international commerce, but quickly switched his focus once he realised how essential data was in his field. After working his way up in the tech industry in a variety of roles, he tried his hand out as Data Mentor, and discovered how much he enjoyed sharing his knowledge with others. Today, when he isn’t showing his students how to efficiently crunch numbers, he can be found biking up the Collserola mountain range and admiring the view from up high of his city, Barcelona.

Tiago is a Brazilian technologist who lives in the Italian mountains. His 13 years of experience in the IT industry have seen him working as data scientist, web developer and project manager in such fields as finance, the public sector, and journalism, but mostly for nonprofits in the Global South. A committed bicycle enthusiast, he also loves Italian culinary specialties, and can never have too much coffee with Cantucci!

Born in Argentina to Italian parents, Enrique is a jack-of-all-trades who combined a career as a sound engineer with that of an international competitive skier. He started coding professionally as a freelancer in his family business, working with clients from the marketing industry; at the time he was also coaching future skiers, and now he has found a way to combine both passions – by teaching people how to code! Enrique’s interests outside of work include skydiving and BASE jumping, and of course skiing.

The teachers are knowledgeable and engaged, the community manager and career service advisor make sure you have everything you need.

Laura • Full-Stack Web & App Development Bootcamp (full-time) Graduate


Our junior instructors come from a variety of backgrounds, including our own courses. They will hold workshops on specific topics and will be available to provide you personal assistance should you be struggling.

Claudia studied Linguistics and Art History in Italy and worked in education before switching careers. She has always been good with computers, but decided to learn coding seriously in 2020, first by herself on Udemy and later by joining the WBS CODING SCHOOL Full-Stack Web & App Developer bootcamp. She loves listening to podcasts while cooking, playing board games and discovering Berlin’s exciting food scene.

After obtaining her Bachelor in Public Relations and working in the online marketing sector, Sarah signed up for a Web & App Development bootcamp with WBS CODING SCHOOL. There she discovered her passion for user-friendly interfaces, and learned how to create her own applications rather than using those of others. Her out-of-office passions include travelling all over Africa, scuba diving, and spending time with her greyhound Lucie.

Born in the UK, Ben lived in the USA and in Australia before choosing to settle in Berlin, where he worked as a professional coffee roaster before switching careers with the WBS CODING SCHOOL Data Science bootcamp. Having studied both Data Science and Philosophy, Ben has come to the conclusion that the two are actually very similar – at least, both will require you to process a ton of information. His most beloved passions outside of tech are his bicycle, which has carried him all over Europe, and his dog Toulo.

It wasn’t until relatively late in life that Reagan had an opportunity to try coding – before that, he had lived on a ranch and served in the US military. After completing the WBS CODING SCHOOL Web & App Development bootcamp, however, he fell in love with the discipline and decided to share his knowledge with others. Outside of teaching, Reagan is a big fan of indoors climbing and 3D puzzles.

Guillem on WBS CODING SCHOOL Campus Berlin


Our mentors are outstanding graduates from our bootcamps who now volunteer to provide extra support for other students, including 1:1 sessions, answering calls for help on our messaging channels, and organizing extra-curricular workshops. They will ensure you always have someone to turn to.

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