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Our mission

We aim to inspire. We want you to stay one step ahead of a world that is constantly evolving. That’s why we have crafted our cutting-edge courses in Web Development, made to form tomorrow’s top coding talents and meet the demands of the booming tech market.

You benefit from an innovative, hands-on approach to continuous learning that combines the best of both live online and face-to-face coaching at our Campus Berlin.

Our project-based syllabus enables students to not only build a compelling portfolio with tech solutions like React and Node.js, but also to develop crucial teamwork and critical thinking skills that will boost their future prospects in the industry.

WBS CODING SCHOOL is a premier brand of WBS GRUPPE, one of the leading providers for professional online training.

Who we are

We’re an enthusiastic team of experts in their fields with a can-do attitude and our hearts in the right place. Do you feel the same way about yourself? Then please check our current job openings or simply get in touch.

For more information about our teaching staff, please go to the instructors’ page.

WBS GRUPPE – Experts in education.

WBS CODING SCHOOL is a premier brand of WBS GRUPPE, one of the leading providers for professional online training.

With five distinct brands, we bring our knowledge and passion for what we do not just to Germany but beyond. For more than 40 years, WBS GRUPPE has been helping people acquire outstanding qualifications, targeted competences, and practical expertise. This allows us to purposefully bolster our customers’ job and career opportunities, and help companies enhance the skills of their employees.

Our services include funded professional training and retraining (WBS TRAINING), extra-occupational training (WBS AKADEMIE), training in the fields of healthcare and social affairs (WBS SCHULEN), intensive courses for software developers (WBS CODING SCHOOL) and the recruitment of trainees and specialists from abroad (WBS RECRUITING INTERNATIONAL).

We believe in the digital mediation of knowledge and skills. WBS GRUPPE is a certified educational partner of SAP®, Microsoft®, DATEV® and LEXWARE® and currently employs more than 1.400 people.

In Germany, we are not only a leading player in education, but since the launch in 2010 of our award-winning innovation WBS LearnSpace 3D, a market leader in live online learning too. We love what we do. And our state-of-the-art subsidiary, WBS CODING SCHOOL, lets us put heart and soul into empowering ambitious minds and driving the digital future.

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