Young woman who wants to become a web developer rehearsing for a job interview with a career coach.

Empowering talent – best in class.

Got big plans? So do we! Our sole mission is to see you thrive in the tech industry – and that starts with understanding the specifics of the tech recruitment process.

Mastering the recruitment game

You may have the best web development skills on the planet, but they’ll only be the industry’s best-kept secret if you don’t know how to sell them.

We prepare you for your journey to recruitment with our Best in Class career service. Application stack optimization, soft skills workshops and coding interview mock-ups – receive personalized career coaching by our HR professionals and score your first tech job.

How you benefit:

Application stack optimization

Let your work and documents speak for themselves. We help you compile a winning portfolio that opens doors.

Soft skills workshops

Perfect the fine art of personal presentation and impress recruiters with more than hard tech knowledge.

Coding interview mock-ups

Tech interviews are a rite of passage for every senior developer. We’ll make sure you know how to nail them.

Our dynamic network

Knowing the right people is key to success. Our career fair events and meet-ups will provide you with the best contacts. Make the most of our vast hiring network!

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

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