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Your future is worth more than a course fee. Thanks to a range of financing options, there’s no reason to let tuition stand between you and your career ambitions.


The tuition fee for our full-time course is 8800 €, inclusive of meals and accommodation for your time at the campus.

The part-time course is 6500 €. If you wish to add the optional 3 weeks of on-site training on our campus, we charge 2400 €, including room and meals.

The course fee is generally due in advance, though payment in installments is possible on request. Please discuss the details with our admission team.

Financing Options

Join with a Bildungsgutschein (Educational Voucher)

Our courses can be fully financed with a Bildungsgutschein thanks to its nationally recognized certification.

How do I qualify for a Bildungsgutschein?

To qualify for funding, you need to be registered in Germany and be one of the following:

• Recipient of the unemployment benefit program Arbeitslosengeld I
• Recipient of benefits according to SGB II (Hartz IV)
• Employee on Kurzarbeit (short-time working)
Unemployed person with a completed apprenticeship or 3 years of work experience
• Jobseeker or employee at risk of redundancy
• Fixed-term employee whose employment contract is due to expire

What is covered by a Bildungsgutschein?

Please note that the voucher covers the educational costs of the course only.

For the on-site phase, you can either find your own place to stay, or live on the campus. If you decide for the latter, we charge you 800 € for room and meals for the 3 weeks. The Agentur für Arbeit or Jobcenter may reimburse accommodation, food, and travel expenses.

How should I apply for a Bildungsgutschein?

Follow these six steps:

  1. Book an appointment for a face-to-face consultation at your local Agentur für Arbeit or Jobcenter.
  2. Please apply on our website. Once you have applied with us successfully, we can provide an official Bildungsangebot for our course.
  3. Time to convince the job agent at the Agentur für Arbeit or Jobcenter to grant you the Bildungsgutschein: tell them why you’re so keen on participating in our Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp – after all, they want to know if it’s worth funding you. Please find further instructions here.
  4. Once you have received the Bildungsgutschein from the Agentur für Arbeit or Jobcenter, tell us the good news!
  5. Our colleagues all over Germany will happily sign your Bildungsgutschein and participation contract.
  6. Not living in Berlin? Ensure that your agent approves your stay in Berlin and will reimburse the expenses for accommodations and meals on the campus. We can support you with this if necessary.

Congratulations – all your training-related costs are covered. You’re now all set to launch your new programming career at WBS CODING SCHOOL.

Any questions left?

Get in touch with us. We’re happy to advise you.

Join with the help of CHANCEN eG

CHANCEN eG is a social Income Share Agreement provider that covers 100% of your tuition upfront. Once you have completed the course and found a job, you will be asked to make income-based repayments over 5 years.


EU citizenship or citizenship in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway, Great Britain, Iceland, Monaco, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Israel. Married to a German person or holding a high school leaving certificate in Germany (not from a Studienkolleg).

How to apply for funding with CHANCEN eG:

  1. Please register on our website. Once you have applied with us successfully, you can also apply at CHANCEN eG here.
  2. Convince them with your motivational letter. Tell them why you deserve the funding.
  3. We receive a notification as soon as you have submitted your application to them. We will then confirm that you successfully applied with us.
  4. CHANCEN eG will schedule an interview with you. Tell us the great news once you have successfully completed it!
  5. You will receive a student contract and our terms and conditions from us.
  6. Complete the paperwork with CHANCEN eG.
  7. Congratulations! All your training-related expenses are now covered. You’re now all set to launch your new web dev career at WBS CODING SCHOOL.

Still have questions?

Get in touch with us. We´re happy to advise you.

Join with a loan via Quotanda

Quotanda offers you an individual installment plan to cover your tuition for a small service fee. After registering at Quotanda, you can adjust the conditions of the interest-free loan according to your possibilities.


The approval is based on your individual information. Insurance by suretyship is also possible.

What are the terms?

Before the start of the course, a 500 € deposit and 400 € administration fee for the interest-free loan are due. The loan amount can be from 5200 to 8300 €. You repay from the month of the course start for up to 18 months. Also, the installment can be reduced to 200 Euro for the first 6 months, so that you have some time after graduation to find employment before the higher payments become due.

How to apply for the student loan:

  1. Apply on our website. Once you have applied with us successfully, we will provide you the link to Quotanda’s registration platform.
  2. Fill out the registration form. Here you can decide on the deferred payment plan amount, how many months you would like to repay and if you would like to have a reduced repayment period.
  3. After the registration, you will receive a welcome email with further financing information and your user account details. You can log in to the Quotanda portal now.
  4. Fill out Quotanda’s application form and, if requested, the co-signer form (in case of suretyship).
  5. After applying, you will receive a notification letting you know whether you are eligible for a student installment.
  6. If there are no further requests from Quotanda, you will receive the notification letting you know if your deferred payment plan is approved.
  7. Review the conditional financing offer carefully, and then e-sign it.
  8. Congratulations – you now have an installment plan to finance our course. You’re now all set to launch your new programming career at WBS CODING SCHOOL.

Any more questions?

Get in touch with us. We’re happy to help.

Tax benefits

In Germany, if you declare the costs of the Coding Bootcamp as work-related expenses (“Werbungskosten”) with the tax office, you can deduct them from tax. The tax office usually recognizes these costs. We will advise you on the details.

Soldiers receive support by the “Berufsförderungsdienst” of the Bundeswehr

Your military service is coming to an end? With the Coding Bootcamp of the WBS CODING SCHOOL you are on course for your successful (re-)entry into the civilian professional and working world.

The “Berufsförderungsdienst” (BFD) of the Bundeswehr provides full funding for this further education. The BFD supports soldiers from the beginning of their military service until their integration into the civilian labour market at the end of their service.

Further information

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