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Learn Data Science by studying in the evenings and on Saturdays!

March 21, 2022




26 weeks

24 weeks of classes
2 one-week breaks

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 18:30 to 21:30
Saturdays 9:00 to 18:00




Learning how to use and interpret big data can significantly boost your career – but you don’t have to quit your job to learn.

Data Science is not only one of the most sought-after and progressive disciplines in tech, it is also among the most versatile. The skills it offers can be put to use in such fields as law, medicine, insurance, marketing, consultancy, human resources, and many more.

Holding classes only on evenings and on Saturdays, the Part-Time Data Science bootcamp will teach you the theory and especially the practice of gathering, analysing and manipulating data.

You’ll begin from the basics and gradually build up to advanced fields such as machine learning, which allows you to teach your computer how to solve problems by itself.

The curriculum is suited for those who wish to start a brand new career in tech, as well as for those who wish to upskill without changing their field. The schedule is designed expressly for students who already have a busy routine.

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The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.

Carly Fiorina • former executive, president, and chair of Hewlett-Packard Co.

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What you will need

Many of the concepts you will learn will be new and unfamiliar to you. The material we’ll present you with will push you outside of your comfort zone. This is natural. Embrace it.

Before you can interpret data, you must gather it, process it, compare it. This is called quantitative work, and while it does not demand any special aptitude or preparation, it does require the willingness and the patience to work with numbers.

Our bootcamp is open to international students, and it is in English. You don’t have to be a native speaker, but you should know the language well enough to be able to follow a class, and communicate with your fellow students, without slowing everyone else down.

Our virtual platform, where you will meet your instructors and study alongside your peers, is online. To join us, you will need a computer or a laptop connected to the Internet, along with speakers/headphones and a microphone.

What you will not need

Data Science requires patience and hard work, yes. But it’s not something only the most brilliant minds of this world can do, and it’s fine if you haven’t done any mathematics since school.

You don’t need any qualifications related to computer science or programming. Our bootcamp assumes no prior knowledge and covers the basics of the field in the first few weeks.

You are here to learn together with others, not to outdo them. A collaborative, friendly attitude is essential, and your only benchmark for progress should be yourself.

What does the course teach

two CODING students during their time on Campus

Your classes will last three hours on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, complemented with a full day of teaching on Saturday. You will learn about the theory and the mathematical foundations of Data Science, and from there progress to its practical and commercial applications. The bootcamp equips you with the precise skills necessary to interpret and exploit the data generated by business interactions online (or, to get your computer to do it for you!). A thorough induction in machine learning, a field of artificial intelligence, is also provided.

Teaching methods

A bootcamp is more than just an online course: it’s a full-immersion in an interactive learning environment in which you and other students will be as closely supported as you will be actively challenged.


Learn by doing

Work on concrete projects based on real-life problems. Expand your skills with each new project.

Interactive online seminars

Analyze and interpret data in live, instructor-led seminars alongside your fellow students.

Part of our world

Gain access to our virtual platform, and network with both pros and fellow students at any time of the day.

The Primer

Primer screen Quiz

Prior to the beginning of the bootcamp, we will give you access to our Primer. This is an introduction to the basic concepts you will be dealing with in your classes, and it is designed to be interactive and inclusive of exercises. The purpose of the Primer is to make sure that every student can begin the bootcamp with some core notions already in place, so that everyone can hit the ground running.

Concepts & Tools

In this bootcamp you will learn how to employ tools for visualizing and interpreting data scientifically. You will become handy with databases, cloud computing, SQL, and Python for Data Science. Later in the course you will be taught about machine learning, a data-based field of artificial intelligence.

Weekly schedule

During the course, the structure of the weeks will vary to adapt to the learning content of the moment, but in general this is what a typical week looks like:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Join us on our Learning Platform to complete real Data Science projects, and ask for help any time!
Project Work
12:00 Lunch Break
13:00 Project Presentation
Look back to reflect on what you’ve learned and how you’ve learned it.
Recap / retrospective
Your instructors will introduce new topics in live lectures as well as interactive coding sessions.
Your instructors will introduce new topics in live lectures as well as interactive coding sessions.
Meet your instructor online to closely review your progress and prepare your project presentation.
Checkpoint meetings with groups and/or 1:1
Join us on our Learning platform to complete real Data Science projects, and ask for help any time!
Project work
Join us on our Learning platform to complete real Data Science projects, and ask for help any time!
Project work
Recap the learnings of the day with the instructor, and set the objectives for tomorrow.
Check out
Recap the learnings of the day with the instructor, and set the objectives for tomorrow.
Check out


Our instructors are hands-on professionals from the world of Data Science, with a proven track record in the industry and a passion for helping others learn. Each bootcamp has its own designated instructor, who will act as your personal tutor and check on your progress from the first to the last of your 26 weeks with us. Our bootcamp is a challenge – but it’s a challenge you won’t have to face alone.

Career services

Our bootcamp is more than just an online course – it is the first concrete step in your career in tech. As such, it includes a comprehensive preparation on how to present yourself to the industry and quickly land your first job.

Perfecting your CV

Submit your CV and Linkedin profile to our experts, and get detailed feedback on how to perfect them for the application to your dream job.

Preparing for interviews

After a thorough conceptual preparation, we will provide you with the opportunity to practice interview questions – both professional and technical – with our specialists.

Learn from the best

Throughout the bootcamp, we will invite guest speakers from the international tech scene, inclusive of company CEOs and CTOs, and professional recruiters. Get an inside look at what your future employers really want.

graduates certificate example

Graduation certificate

Students who complete our course will be awarded a WBS CODING SCHOOL Graduation Certificate. The document testifies to future or potential employers the acquisition of precise skills in accordance with the selected course. Expect this to become a staple of your tech-related CV or professional profile.



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Tuition and Funding Options

Our prices are inclusive of all services in the course description. If self-financing is not a possibility, please do look into our sponsored funding options – your future is worth more than a course fee.


  • 24 weeks of live, instructor-led training
  • Dedicated lead instructor per batch
  • Access to our learning platform
  • Personalized career services
  • Lifelong membership of our vibrant community
  • Graduation certificate
7.000€ Apply now!

If you are unable to settle the tuition upfront, no worries – there are various installment plans and third-party or governmental funding options which can cover the cost of the course. 


Bildungsgutschein by the Arbeitsagentur
  • Covers full cost of tuition for residents in Germany who are registered as unemployed.


0€ upfront
  • Income-share agreement covering full tuition, available for EU citizens and/or legal partners of German citizens.


Installment plan
  • Student loan granted on a per case basis. Everyone is eligible but yearly available places are limited.


Our Part-time Data Science bootcamps last 26 weeks, with 24 weeks of instructor led training and two one-week breaks. Please find the starting dates for the next bootcamps below. You may also consider the starting dates for the full-time version of this course, in case you find them more suitable.

Course Dates Final day to apply
Mar 21 - Sep 17, 2022 Mar 4, 2022
May 23 - Nov 19, 2022 May 6, 2022
Jul 11, 2022 - Jan 21, 2023 Jun 24, 2022

How Our Application Process Works

Our application process is designed to guide you, gently but clearly, into the course you want to take. Just follow these three steps:

Data challenge intro screen

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Our bootcamp in Data Science is a life-changing experience, and we understand if you need time to think it over. Leave us an email address and we’ll keep you posted in the meantime. No spamming – promised! – just the occasional update on the course.