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Many individuals aspiring to work in tech and tech-related fields lack the necessary skills to access lucrative jobs. And our education systems have a hard time catching up to the growing demands of todays tech industry.

WBS CODING SCHOOL was born to fix that problem. We turn learning tech skills into a process that is efficient, fast, and precisely targeted to meet the needs of both learners and employers today.

Our bootcamps are designed for flexibility, offering both full-time and part-time options as well as remote and hybrid work, so anyone gets a chance to enter the world of tech, no matter what your background is.


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Our instructors consist of industry experts with several years of professional experience in their field, and a proven ability to impart knowledge and empathise with learners, so you get the best learning support possible. Naturally, our whole team consists of tech enthusiasts of all stripes, covering all of the school’s operations.

While the typical tech school starts from scratch by putting together a rushed program and team, WBS CODING SCHOOL entered this world backed by the institutional expertise of its parent company WBS GRUPPE, one of the leading European providers for professional online training.

And most importantly, we have a distinct ethical code based on environmental sustainability and internal diversity. We take pride in the fact that our team is composed of people from every continent in the world and that our gender ratio is always kept as close as possible to 50/50.

This and the undeniable passion each of us bring to the team is what makes us move forward.

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